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599 DX Association  Iowa DX and Contest Club  Radio Club of Redmond
Alabama Contest Group  Kansas City Contest Club  Radiosport Manitoba
Alaska VHF-Up Group  Kentucky Contest Group  Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club
Alberta Clippers  Long Island Mobile ARC  Redwood Empire DX Assn
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club  Mad River Radio Club  Rochester (NY) DX Assn
Athens County ARA  Metro DX Club  Rochester VHF Group
Bay Area DXers  Michigan VHF-UHF Society  RZS Amateur Radio Club
Bayman Radio Club  Midland ARC  Sierra Foothills ARC
Bergen ARA  Milford (OH) ARC  Silver Comet Amateur Radio Society
Big Sky Contesters  Minnesota Wireless Assn  Six Meter Club of Chicago
Borinquen Radio Club  Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club  Skyview Radio Society
Bristol (TN) ARC  Mother Lode DX/Contest Club  Society of Midwest Contesters
Butts County Emergency Communications Aux  Mt Airy VHF Radio Club  South East Contest Club
Carolina DX Association  Mt Vernon (OH) ARC Contesters  South Texas DX and Contest Club
Central Texas DX and Contest Club  New Mexico Big River Contesters  Southern Berkshire ARC
Central Virginia Contest Club  New Mexico VHF Society  Southern California Contest Club
Chippewa Valley VHF Contesters  Niagara Frontier Radiosport  Spokane DX Association
Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers  North Carolina DX and Contest Club  St Louis ARC
Cold Brook Contest Club  North Coast Contesters  Stanwood Camano Amateur Radio Club
Contest Club Ontario  North East Weak Signal Group  Stoned Monkey VHF ARC
CTRI Contest Group  North Texas Contest Club  Story County Amateur Radio Club
Delara Contest Team  North Texas Microwave Society  Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
DFW Contest Group  Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society  Sussex County ARC
Eastern Connecticut ARA  Northeast Wisconsin DX Assn  Swamp Fox Contest Group
Florida Contest Group  Northern California Contest Club  Tennessee Contest Group
Fort Smith ARC  Northern Lights Radio Society  W/K ARC of Greater Milwaukee
Frankford Radio Club  Not Quite Workable Contest Club  Wayne County Amateur Radio Club
Georgia Contest Group  Oakland County Amateur Radio Society  West Park Radiops
Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado  Order of Boiled Owls of New York  West Valley ARA
Great South Bay ARC  Orleans County Amateur Radio Club  Western Washington DX Club
Hampden County Radio Association  Pacific Northwest VHF Society  Willamette Valley DX Club
Hazel Park ARC  Pamlico Amateur Radio Society, LTD  Winona ARC
Hickory Lake Contest Club  Pizza Lovers 259  Wireless Society of Southern Maine
Hilltop Transmitting Assn  Portage County Amateur Radio Service  XRX AMATEUR RADIO CLUB
Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers  Potomac Valley Radio Club  Yankee Clipper Contest Club
Hughes ARC  Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont