Following eligibility lists contain AE9YL

Club Timestamp Geo TypeClub CtrCallGrid Distance
Society of Midwest Contesters2020-02-27 19:09:32175 mile circleEN50ptAE9YLEN71kf189.0
Society of Midwest Contesters2020-01-04 13:04:39175 mile circleEN50ptAE9YLEN71kf189.0
Northwest Indiana DX Club2017-12-16 20:52:30175 mile circleEN61qhAE9YLEN71ke78.4
Northwest Indiana DX Club2017-12-16 20:36:30175 mile circleEN61qhAE9YL[no grid][no dist]
Northwest Indiana DX Club2017-07-27 20:13:39175 mile circleEN61qhAE9YLEN71ke78.4
Society of Midwest Contesters2016-10-19 16:26:00175 mile circleEN50ptAE9YLEN71kf189.0