Following eligibility lists contain N7DED

Club Timestamp Geo TypeClub CtrCallGrid Distance
Orca DX and Contest Club2018-02-19 22:10:31175 mile circleCN89mfN7DED[no grid][no dist]
Orca DX and Contest Club2018-12-13 19:02:27175 mile circleCN89mfN7DEDCN88qk56.8
Orca DX and Contest Club2018-12-13 18:56:46175 mile circleCN89mfN7DEDCN88qk56.8
Pacific Northwest VHF Society2023-09-07 18:25:13250 mile circleDN05arN7DEDCN88qk225.3
Pacific Northwest VHF Society2023-09-02 14:35:39250 mile circleDN05arN7DEDCN88qk225.3